Art and the Blockchain – Token Logic Design Sessions #1

With Erik Bordeleau

With the advent of blockchain or distributed ledger technologies, more and more people are experimenting with new logics and protocols of self-organization, embracing and inventing different networked-based, p2p models of governance and value production along the way. Are we moving toward what Lovink and Rossiter have dubbed “organized networks” or “networks with consequences”? What are the different techno-social components defining these emerging distributed autonomous organisations (DAO) and other new organizational forms? How can cryptographically enabled distributed economic-organizational systems – aka economic spaces – allow for the building of radically different modes of collective individuation?

This seminar will adopt a practice-based approach. Each session will introduce and discuss some blockchain-based initiatives oriented toward the creation of crypto-scalable commons. We will explore different ways of experimenting with programmable assemblages of smart contracts, semi-automated governance mechanisms, crypto-economics incentives and protocols for interaction designed to facilitate the fruitful alignment of interests and purposes and establish the basis of durable collaborations. The participants to the seminar will thus familiarize themselves with different challenges and issues regarding token logic design and the building of nomadic, anti-fragile socio-technical infrastructures for the coming economy.

Erik Bordeleau is researcher at the SenseLab (Concordia University, Montreal), fugitive planner at the Economic Space Agency (ECSA) and affiliated researcher at the Center for Arts, Business & Culture of the Stockholm School of Economics. With Saloranta & De Vylder, he is developing The Sphere, a p2p community platform for self-organization in the performing arts. He is based in Berlin and enjoys, from time to time, the discreet charm of the precariat.