What is it

The School of Disobedience is a Berlin based graduate school that embodies the spirit of this city: global in outlook, international in background, trans-disciplinary in work, innovative, radical, experimental, engaged.

This is about insight and impact.

How do we work

We offer seminars to an interested public that are part learning experience, part laboratory, embracing the idea of the workshop and combining theory and practice in a way that aims at new ways of knowledge production and the creation of solutions.

We focus on four key topics: climate change, migration, blockchain and AI; the goal is to design seminars that address at least two of these interrelated key topics in their design and ambition.

Each seminar consists of two parts, one more theoretical and one very practical, and the heterodox approach to learning and doing is reflected in the diversity of the student body in terms of profession and nationality.

We look for concrete outcomes of each seminar and support the teams that are formed in getting their projects off the ground; we offer guidance and a network that reaches far beyond the time and place of each seminar because we believe in collaboration and process.

This is why we try to partner with institutions and initiatives in relevant fields, to achieve that transition from the workspace into the world; this is also why we host public talks to supplement, contradict or enrich the seminars, because we believe that education is a public good.

We see all of this a an experiment in how a future society should be structured where learning is as important as eating and sleeping and sex.

What are some facts

The School of Disobedience is temporarily hosted by the Volksbühne Berlin.

The School of Disobedience was founded by Armen Avanessian and Georg Diez in cooperation with the Nemetschek Foundation.

The new season of the School of Disobedience starts in November 2019.


The School of Disobedience is free of tuition and open for anybody (independent of age, professional or educational background) – but participation is limited by number and the selection of the SoD.

We therefore ask you to submit an application form. The form can be found on the subpage of each course. We believe that the program benefits from diversity and will select the participants accordingly.

Each of the courses consists of 5 seminars, that take place on Monday from 2-4pm at Volksbühne Berlin. In order to give as many people access to our course materials as possible, we will archive them on this website. Syllabus, Reading lists and results will be published and shared online.